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No explanation needed.. Texas is ground zero for most everything hunting! Being that both partners are from this vast state, we can and do offer most everything Texas has to offer in terms of big game. That said, we do focus most of our time on the hunts we love the most ourselves with number one being west TX aoudad!


Global Pursuit Hunts - Texas, United States

Animals in Texas, United States

GLOBAL PURSUIT has access to some of the absolute BEST trophy aoudad habitat in the world. We have upwards of 500,000 acres to choose from in the rugged country of far west TX! Our outfitter targets only trophy rams on these hunts. Trophy rams in this area carry some of the best genetics in the State. We’ll be looking at for mature rams in the 31-35” range. These hunts are as real sheep hunt as one can get. The terrain is steep, rugged and rocky.  Hunters should be in as good a physical condition as there will be quite a bit of hiking, climbing, and walking.

You will exclusively hunt the famed Chinati Mountains which are legendary for their GIANT rams.  Hunts can be conducted year-round but we focus on the cooler weather months of November through April.  Hunters will only need the 5 day special “exotic” hunt license to hunt aoudad. These licenses are very reasonable (right around $50). The hunts are 4 and 5 days in length for rifle hunts. Hunts are considered over after the trophy is taken. These hunts are $6,500 GUIDED 1X1 or $5,500 2x1 GUIDED.  Included in these hunts are your 3 meals per day, lodging, all transportation from Marfa, TX and local guide.  A 50% deposit secures your hunt. GP is VERY well versed in aoudad hunting. The owners have well over 10 aoudad trophy rams between themselves personally and have guided and helped on MANY more than that. Let us get you that brute of a ram you’ve always wanted. These aoudad hunts are the absolute BEST bargain in the sheep hunting world!

In addition to our aoudad, we offer trophy whitetail, all exotic species, free range nilgai in deep south TX and spring turkey.

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