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Romania is a country of rich history and has a plethora of touristic attractions few other countries in this region can offer. The mountain scenery and great diversity of wildlife, this great destination offers a glimpse into a way of life that at times seems out of the last century. Old World castles, medieval villages and churches along the route from the capitol Bucharest eventually lead you to the deep Carpathian Mountains where European brown bear, Carpathian chamois, res stag and wolves have lived for eons.

The stunning mountain scenery of Transylvania is by far the most well know of all areas of Romania. Numerous castles here are a testament to its medieval past. By far, the most well know of all of these is the castle of Bran, where Vlad the Impaler (aka Count Dracula) is said to have called home and lead his tyrannical life. 

For the visiting trophy hunter, Romania’s main attractions have always been the bear, stags and chamois. These bears can lay claim as being the largest bears in Europe as well as the Carpathian chamois being the largest subspecies of all of the chamois.


Global Pursuit - Hunts in Romania

Animals in Romania

Romanian Brown Bear

Unfortunately, this world class hunt was abruptly closed in September 2016 with no notice. We hope that the Romanian wildlife dept. reconsiders this and that the bear hunting will be reinstated soon.  Romania has some of the finest bear hunting on earth and trophy quality is outstanding.

Carpathian Chamois

The Carpathian chamois is only indigenous to Carpathian Mountains of Romania and can be hunted only in this country. This subspecies is the biggest of all the Rupicapra in terms of both horn size and body size.

Hunting take place within Transylvania area in the Carpathian Mountains and is conducted on foot. Chamois hunting in this part of the country can be difficult with the mountains being very forested where the chamois frequent.

Best time is mid-October through mid-November when the rutting season is in full swing.

Red Stag

Romania is one of the few places in the word where you can hunt true free range red stags that can rival their high fenced brethren in terms of size. The Carpathian Mountains are famous for producing world class free range native red stags.

September is the time to be there with the stags roaring in full rut. It is a hunt that can be very comparable to a wilderness elk hunt here in North America.

Wild Boar

Romania is the land of giant wild boars, boasting not only incredible trophy size, but sheer numbers as well. Boars over 300 kg are taken quite regularly.

Driven hunts are the most commonly used method of hunting these large pigs.  We offer several differnet options with the boars. Lowland cultivated country hunts where the pigs are very numerous or mountain hunts for truly giant boars. Both hunts offer very different experience and can be combined.

Roe Deer

Our Romanian roebuck can be a fun inexpensive hunt that has a high success. We apply various methods such as still-hunting, spot and stalk and high racks to maximize our success

Accommodation here is nothing short of spectacular and 5 star. It is a private lodge on sight that has to be seen to be believed.

High Volume Pheasant

At our world class lowland lodge property, we offer high volume pheasant shooting for groups. Numbers upwards of 300-500 birds can be taken here with populations being world class. After the hunt, enjoy the Romania tradition of honoring the birds, the hunt, and the season. These hunts are low pressure with ample amounts of fun, food and top shelf wine all coming together to create a lifetime of memories.

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