Global Pursuit - Hunts in Austria

Hunting tradition in the Alpine country of Austria go back eons. Visons of lederhosen, powder horns, Bavarian hounds and intricately carved walking staffs still hold true here to this day.  Austria’s rich and varied landscapes range from the plains and farmlands in the east to some of the highest peaks the Alps have in the western half of the country.  

Our most common hunts here are the Alpine ibex and the Alpine chamois. Come experience hunting in the land of downhill skiing, Mozart, and home of mountaineering.  


Global Pursuit - Hunts in Austria

Animals in Austria

Alpine Chamois

The hunting for Alpine chamois is done spot-and-stalk. The hunt is usually quite challenging due to quite steep terrain.  Optimal time to hunt chamois is during the rut in late October to November. This true European mountain hunting at its finest. The traditions here are centuries old and the guides and game keepers adhere to their heritage.  

Alpine Ibex

Austria is a well known country for hunting Alpine ibex with good numbers of permits given. In addition to the free range native herds, high fence trophies can also be hunted here.  

Both the ibex and chamois are found in the same areas and can be combined. Season starts by early August ends by the end of November. Best time for ibex hunting can be of different opinions. The early season is generally very mild weather and long days, while hunting the November rut is more likely the produce the largest trophies. Accommodations for this hunt are small local hotels and/or bed and breakfasts very near the hunting areas. Hunting method is done in four wheel drive trucks and once in the general area, on foot. 

Horn length of trophy billies normally reach to a horn length of 33-37”. Over 40” is a very rare occurrence with Alpine ibex.

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