Global Pursuit - Hunts in Mexico

The south of the border charm of Mexico. With its usual draws of white sand beaches, spring break tourist meccas and damn good food, it also offers hunters some of the absolute BEST hunting in all of North America. GP offers hunts in the States of Sonora, Chihuahua, Zacatecas, and Campeche.


Global Pursuit - Hunts in Mexico

Animals in Mexico


Probably the best known of all the Mexican hunting destinations, Sonora offers arguably the BEST mule deer hunting on earth. Bucks over 200” are not uncommon here. Accommodations here are top shelf as well.

Coues deer are another great hunt in Sonora. These little grey ghosts of the desert have a cult following of hunters who put these tiny whitetail on the pinnacle of hunts. Coues deer offer the hunter a chess match of a hunt. They are never easy, live in nasty terrain and can be some of the most frustrating hunting out there! But the reward can be some of the best and biggest coues deer out there on our ranches in Sonora. Bucks eclipsing the all-time minimum for B&C are taken every year.

The desert bighorn reigns king of Mexico, and with good reason. There are few trophies as special, spectacular and awe inspiring as a big mature desert bighorn ram. We hunt ranches in Sonora, both free range as well as estate, for trophy rams. Please inquire if interested in one of these hunts with us. Permit availability can be limited.

Chihuahua and Coahuila

We hunt this subspecies of whitetail deer in the northern state of Coahuila, Mexico, endemic land of the Carminis deer. We provide high success 4 day hunts in a fantastic mountain landscape with great accommodations. This Mexican deer is one of the 5 new subspecies eligible for the SCI Record Book.

Hunting takes place during December and January. You will fly into Monterrey International Airport and drive 6 hours to camp or we can arrange and you can take a charter flight.  The very nice lodge can hold up to 6 hunters with 5 star heated accommodations, hot shower, full bathroom and gourmet meals.

In Chihuahua, we hunt the desert bighorn. This is an estate style hunt that offers the hunters 5 star accommodations and gourmet meals. Rams from this large ranch average 170 with rams being over 178 taken every year. Please inquire with any questions you may have on this hunt. Permit availability is quite limited here.


We have access to some of the best Goulds turkey hunting in all of Mexico here. Incredible numbers of birds and very nice lodging here on all of the ranches we have access to.

Come and complete your Royal Slam or World Slam with us in the beautiful State of Zacatecas! We offer 4 day Gould’s turkey hunts in this less visited area of Mexico. You will fly into Zacatecas City (ZCL) where you will be picked up by one of our team and taken to the 24,000 acre private ranch. You will be greeted here with fantastic numbers of gobblers, spectacular views and great Mexican cuisine. You will stay in the 8 bedroom mountain cabin, equipped with full bathrooms, hot showers, solar power, pool table and the warm Mexican hospitality.

 We use vehicles to get to the previously scouted area, where your professional guide will hunt with you on foot, calling the birds from sunrise to sunset. All lodging, meals, beverages, hunting license, ground transportation are included in the cost of the hunt. You are also welcome to use one of the ranch’s Beretta Shotguns to avoid all the red tape of bringing yours.


We have the pleasure to offer our hunters the opportunity to hunt Occellated turkey, Brocket deer and a variety of smaller game in the jungles of Campeche on the Yucatan peninsula.

The Occelated turkey is the main draw for hunters wanting to wrap up (or begin) their World Slams. The hunt is 5 days in length and can also be combined with Brocket deer, great curasaw, crested guan, collared peccary (javelina), forest mountain lion, white lipped peccary, and coati on a trophy fee basis during the months of March to May.

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