Global Pursuit - Hunts in Australia

The land down under, known for its picturesque, golden beaches, the world famous Barrier Reef, Sydney's architectural wonders such as the Sydney Opera House, vast empty deserts and of course its most welcoming and warm people. 

In addition to these well known attractions, it is also known for its fantastic hunting opportunities for the visiting hunter who want to hunt some incredible big game in addition to exploring this one of a kind country. 

Some of the best big game hunting in the world today can be had here. Head to the outback with us for an adventure of monster water buffalo, ornery scrub bulls and the elusive Banteng bulls of the Couburg peninsula. 


Global Pursuit - Hunts in Australia

Animals in Australia

Water Buffalo/Scrub Bulls

We book our buffalo and scrub bull hunts as 5 day affairs with this being ample time to take your trophy.  We hunt the buffalo and scrub bulls in the dry savanna as well as the floodplains. During a days hunt, a hunter will often see wild boars, incredible birdlife, wallabies and kangaroos as well as crocodiles may also be seen. 

Our areas offer incredible numbers of animals and literally hundreds will be seen in a day.  

Clients can expect the highest level of equipment as well as accommodation when hunting with us. We consistently take truly trophy quality animals on a regular basis here. Hunters can expect to be put in a position to shoot 100+ sci point trophies here with a bit of luck. Patience and looking over many buffalo generally yields good results from refraining from shooting that tempting 93” bull from yesterday!

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