Global Pursuit - Hunts in Macedonia

A small yet beautiful landlocked country found in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. As one of the former Yugoslavia states, it was declared independent in 1991. It shares its borders with Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece.  Macedonia is a cultural and historical wonderland. Her cultural treasures are diverse and span many empires throughout history.
This is a small country where the sun always shines, in the scenic heart of Balkans. The country is home to many large lakes and sixteen mountains higher than 6500 ft in elevation.  The small country has a climate that transitions from Mediterranean to continental. The summers are characterized as hot and dry and the winters are cold and wet. The mountainous terrain is characterized by long and snowy winters and short and cold summers.

Macedonia hosts a multitude of indigenous and introduced game animals. Here in Macedonia you can experience great hunting for the nimble footed Balkan Chamois, Kri-Kri Ibex, European wild boar, and European Red Deer.


 Global Pursuit - Hunts in Macedonia

Animals in Macedonia

Balkan Chamois

The Balkan chamois is indigenous to a number of different former Yugoslavian countries with Macedonia being home to the largest population of the subspecies in Europe.

Our Balkan chamois hunts in Macedonia take place in the Karadzica Mountains which a short 90 minute rife from the country capitol, Skopje. Four wheel drive trucks are used to access the hunting area from the base camp. Terrain in the area is quite steep with altitudes between 4500-6000 feet. This area boasts a very large population of chamois and you will see many chamois once into the area.
Lodging is in hunting house style lodging at the foot of the mountain range and is quite good.

Balkan chamois season begins in early September running through November with optimal time being late October through the end of season. Chamois hunts can be combined with local red stag and/or wild boar from mid September through October.

Kri-Kri Ibex

Kri-Kri Ibex in Macedonia are hunted in a local reserve is located 6 miles south of Skopje. This reserve is approximately 7000 hectares, 2500 being high fenced. Terrain inside of the reserve is mostly mountainous with thick wooded slopes. 

Accommodations are quite nice and located on site.

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