Global Pursuit: Custom Tailored Mountain Hunting Adventures

GLOBAL PURSUIT is an international booking agency founded in 2014 by Scott Kendrix. We work with some of the finest outfitters across the globe to bring you the best hunting experiences we possibly can. Our outfitters will give you 100% and we trust them with your success from start to finish.

Scott Kendrix

Global Pursuit Scott Kendrix

Scott grew up in west Texas and spent his time chasing aoudad, deer and turkeys. When he wasn't big game hunting, he was found behind his English pointers and Brittanys after bobwhites and blue quail.

 As his big game hunting career grew, so did his desire to see and experience the world and it's many wonderful hunts.  With 8 wonderful trips to Africa, he was able to take elephant, buffalo and most of southern Africa's plainsgame species. After a mountain goat hunt in BC, he decided there to pursue international mountain hunting as his focus. He achieved his Capra World Slam in November 2015 and also achieved his Capra Super 20 in October 2018. He's looking ahead to complete his Ovis World Slam, the NA Grand Slam and thus the elusive Triple Slam as his pinnacle hunting acheivement. 

 He also has equal enthusiasm for chasing the upland birds of the Southwestern States. He can be found most fall weekends behind his Brittany Spaniels with a fine shotgun in hand after Mearns quail. 

Scott splits his time between Arizona and Texas.